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Sound As Medicine

A few weeks ago I heard one of my favorite clients arguing with Alexa as to what music station she preferred during her bodywork session. Sounded like Alexa wasn't having it but my client is nothing if not persuasive and convinced Alexa to play Ambient Radio on Pandora. The sound vibration is great with that station, so much so that other clients commented that they wanted to play that particular station in their work environment! Everyone is happy! I never paid attention to how important music was until many years ago when another client asked that a CD of Tibetan singing bowls be turned off as it brought back memories of her father's funeral. Certain sounds resonate deep seated emotion that has made music selection an art form.

In clearing my computer cache this evening and came across a presentation from May 5, 2021, Mind, Medicine and Music: The Healing Potential of Sound by Richard Gold, Ph.D., L.Ac who noted a certain Chinese character that refers to a medicine or drug also carries an additional meaning of music. Cool. Sound healing has been used for thousands of years but only recently caught the attention of neuroscience and clinical medicine. I had read about water frequencies altered with vibration produced through sound that harmonize cells throughout the body and now use those altered water frequencies in studio sessions.

Our primary cilium contain an array of proteins on cell membranes that quiver like tuning forks responding to sound, light, touch, our intention, electrical and magnetic frequencies. Cells begin to change their shape with sound vibration. Neuroscience is reshaping cells affected by illnesses with certain vibrational frequencies. My daughter recently moved to New York City where there is a lot of sound vibration but not at the most healthful frequencies---too loud, too much and all of the time. Not about NYC, anymore. I am more interested in using sound healing to touch the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress in slowing heart rate, reducing blood pressure, anxiety, and pain while improving memory. Incidentally, sound as medicine is also a big part of Spring Forest Qigong meditation that lengthens telemeres but also thickens the pre-frontal cortex that manages higher order brain function such as concentration and awareness keeping the amygdala in check and who doesn't need that?

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