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Community Partner Organizations

TAMA Research has been working with HealingGround since 2014 in addressing our community members who live with pain. This company developed a small device that sits in the palm of the hand and delivers unique frequencies that are welcomed by the client's body healing cells damaged by disease and trauma. Biomedical Engineer, Ali Shambayati, bound with paralysis in a wheelchair visited an acupuncturist who applied current to Yin-Yang points to relieve Ali's pain. Ali devoted the next two decades to develop a tool for therapists such as those found within HealingGround to use in their communities. We are thrilled to bring this innovative tool to the Indianhead region. 

Ventures Unlimited provides vocational training and activities programming for the disabled in the community. HealingGround has been providing therapeutic services to this organization since 2003.

Dermatology-M was created by Mazin Al-Khafaji, Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Shanghai, China); FRCHM (Fellow of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine); founder of Avicenna Centre for Chinese Medicine in the UK. Dr. Al-Khafaji is the leading clinician in the field of Chinese Medicine Dermatology, Auto-Immune, Allergic Diseases and Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Western world. HealingGround was in the initial U.S. Chinese Medicine Dermatology Diploma Course moving through all levels that then allowed access to the Avicenna Dispensary---a unique TCM pharmacy. HealingGround is pleased to be able to provide our community access to Dr. Al-Khafji's formulations in Dermatology-M.

Community Resources

Memory Care is dedicated to providing the best, most comprehensive resources to those struggling with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as their caregivers and loved ones.

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