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How our services differ

All services are tailored to client needs. What makes HealingGround unique to the Wisconsin Northwoods is that we specialize in oncology massage and oncology facials with the backbar oncology-certified. Our Traditional Thai Bodywork opens with feet bathed in warmed herbal water prior to sessions that are usually at least ninety minutes long. During the long winter months our preference is to dip towels in rosemary water to be steamed prior to wrapping the feet. Great aromatherapy for the therapist and great for the client!

TAMA BodyΦTherapy™

Introducing TAMA BodyΦ(Influx)Therapy – a Touch-less™ wellness treatment that releases stagnant lymph, boosts the immune system, removes inflammation and restores balance to the body’s natural electromagnetic qualities for total rejuvenation.

At a healthy state, our body is well-equipped and has a sophisticated way of eliminating toxins. Aging and illness initiates imbalance in these protective systems. Optimize your body’s detoxification systems by adding TAMA BodyΦTherapy – a natural and non-invasive procedure.

TAMA's patented MetaWave™ bio-electromagnetic frequencies re-balance and modulate cellular function to restore, boost, and maintain health. Vibration therapy delivered through the BodyΦTherapy propagates the currents throughout the whole body, resulting in improved lymphatic function, circulation and detoxification.

Acupuncturists Without Borders' Community Service Clinic

HealingGround is the only AWB Community Service Clinic in the midwest bringing the Medicine of Peace to the Wisconsin Indianhead every second Saturday at 3:00 p.m. in a group setting in addition to providing individual care in scheduled client sessions throughout the month.

The Classical Practice of Gua Sha

In the art of Chinese Medicine lineage is important where medicine moves from master to apprentice. Our Gua sha application can be traced to the classical lineage of Dr. James Tin Yau So through his apprentice, Arya Nielsen. Dr. Nielsen is now the Western authority on the East Asian technique Gua sha. Our founding practitioner has moved through Dr. Nielsen's certification classes to bring this ancient healing modality to the northwoods. Gua sha is used for chronic pain, inflammation and immune support. Gua means 'to rub' or 'press stroke'. Sha is a term that describes the blood congestion in surface areas where the client may experience stiffness and pain. Sha is also a term for the little red dots that are raised from applying Gua sha (Nielsen 2012). Pain immediately shifts and in minutes the small red dots fade into blush. Sha totally disappears in two to three days after treatment. Pain relief lasts even after the sha is completely gone.

Kiiko Matsumoto's Master Class

Our founding practitioner completed the 2024 Master Class that focused on five treatments of patients with a wide range of symptoms. Cases presented in this class were all new and featured the following conditions/symptoms: • Chronic and stubborn neck pain • Anxiety, shoulder pain, reduced ROM • Severe pain and tightness in the body and high-blood-pressure • Fainting spells and vascular problems related to long-covid in a patient who had a 40 year history of fibromyalgia • Newly developed plantar fasciitis in a patient with Crohn’s disease. In addition to the above demonstrations, Kiiko shared her experience with a new strategy and producing positive changes for patients with hormonal imbalances, fasciitis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, neuropathies and more.

HealingGround is hopeful with these additional new approaches to palpation, moxibustion, and the application of Kiiko's diode rings mounted onto copper that others will be helped in their healing journey. Peace.

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