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About Phyllis Emma Wolf

I am trained in Oncology Massage, a Preferred Practitioner with the Society for Oncology Massage, certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and Wisconsin state-licensed. I am a member of the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia having studied with Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong, Grandmaster Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko, L.Ac., Ph.D. O.M.D. creator of Kaneko Shiatsu Anma, Aj. Pichest Boonthumme and Homprang Chaleekanha, Traditional Doctor, Herbal Pharmacologist, Thai Ministry of Public Health. I am a Reiki Master and do use Spring Forest Qigong in all sessions.  All licensed massage therapists are initially trained in Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue so those modalities may be accessed as well by practitioners within HealingGround. The studio offers clients the ability to relax in superior comfort on tatami mats while experiencing therapeutic treatments rooted in Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Thai healing arts.

About Maureen Harte, BSc. Nutrition, LMT (NCBTMB)

A Board Certified Therapist with NCBTMB since 2011, I have been licensed and practicing in the State of Wisconsin since then. I am a cancer survivor and hold a BSc. in Nutrition and Exercise Management. As a certified aromatherapist with Aromahead Institute I custom blend therapeutic essential oils to the needs of clients and am available for consultation.

HealingGround has been an Acupuncturists Without Borders Community Clinic applying the Medicine of Peace in healing community trauma since 2016. HealingGround uses the microsystem of auricular acupuncture to treat trauma applying small pellets to points within the ear. We rely on the NADA 5 Needle Protocol as a primary clinical tool because it is well researched, simple, powerful, safe, low-cost and easy to administer in our setting.  

The NADA Protocol was developed in the 1970’s at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx by community health workers and members of the Black Panthers and Young Lords. Used initially as an alternative to methadone for people addicted to heroin, the NADA Protocol has come into contemporary use as a comprehensive auricular treatment for pain, stress and trauma. AWB uses NADA when the organization works in disaster and conflict zones, particularly when treating large groups of people who have shared stressful, traumatic experiences. Treating people in a collective, communal environment is even more effective because the regulatory effect of the protocol is enhanced by the group.

The NADA Protocol is a complete Five Element treatment that uniquely regulates each person. For some, regulation means relaxation, for others it means re-embodiment and activation. HealingGround offers the Medicine of Peace to our community using the NADA Protocol points: Shen Men, Sympathetic, Kidney, Liver and Lung:


  • Shen Men is the Fire Point that fosters connection to self and others, often disrupted when a person holds trauma.

  • Kidney is the Water Point that sustains faith and hope that recovery is possible.

  • Liver is the Wood Point that cultivates structure, growth and the ability to change, all essential to trauma healing.

  • Lung is the Metal Point that helps a person “let go.”

  • There is no Earth point in the NADA Protocol. Earth is the treatment circle itself, which safely grounds each person. Safety is essential in trauma healing.

  • Sympathetic is a regulation point that helps the system move from chaos to greater balance.

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Our Philosophy

The practitioners found within HealingGround all share the same approach to the body in that it is a reflection of the mind and spirit. Our applications unite Mind-Body-Spirit to bring peace and harmony to the being.

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